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Despite feeling dangerously upset over what just happened, Ryoga listened to IV’s words and was waiting for more after hearing his name, but instead, the voice he secretly loved trailed off and he suddenly found his wrist trapped in the other’s grasp. The gesture sparked up an inner fire.

"No," Ryoga protested, averting his gaze and keeping his eyes hidden behind his violet locks. He had felt nothing but anger up to this point but now his emotions have mixed and shifted. An unidentified sadness gripped his heart like cold talons, and a hint of self doubt bubbled in the undercurrent.


"Let go of me."

IV tilted his head wanting to see the other’s eyes, pushing their faces closer together. “Let go? Now why would I do that? I mean you’re so obviously jealous.” He whispered, now caressing the boys face. “You’re so cute sometimes, you loser.” IV’s low voice trying to seduce the other as he nudged Ryoga’s face forward to lock their lips. “Mmmhmm…” He tried not to chuckle as he did the action.

Too cute… Far too cute. The thoughts rushing in his mind as he kept their mouths as one. How can a human be so damn adorable? 

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How dramatic IV for being! Haruto loved it, even if he based the game of pretend on some sense of vague reality. Younger children failed to realize the epidemic of “cooties” was only a myth, after all. 

"Thomas!" Haruto cried with a gasp, delicately made appendages using both palms and digits to conceal the lower half of his gaping mouth. "The cooties already got you, now you need to go see a cootie doctor!!" 


"There is no more time for me left… Your brothers cooties are too powerful…" IV started to cough hard, dropping to his knees and slowly rolling to the floor. "Haruto just remember, jerk nanny loves you-"

With that his eyes closed and he coughed one last time, spitting a little as his lungs were forcefully erupted. 


Ryoga tightened his grip and dug his nails into the fragile skin. ”You like that?” He followed up by leaning in until his lips were just a breath away from IV’s - but then a smirk curved his mouth and he threw IV to the ground.

"How lewd."


As the grip grew more fierce IV could feel a sensation brewing in his lower regions. “Ah…” IV did want to kiss him but then the brutal force had slammed him into the ground. Yet it was still exciting. 

"Ow, I have feelings you know. You prick." IV dusted himself off before getting up. "You hurt me so, Ryoga." The words coming out as he reached for the others wrist and pulled him back close.


{{ ♦ }} — Ouch. Faltering grin aside, he finally made an active effort to remove the middle Arclight from his clothing to avoid further damages and fun headaches.


"Christ, can’t even take a damn joke?" he grumbled, wrenching away the offending limbs by Thomas’ wrists.

Fuck, that really hurt. As long the other man hurt it didn’t matter though. However it did make his brain rattle and now his vision was blurred. Perhaps that was too hard.

Being to dizzy to continue IV let go with no fight, staggering back. “Since when do you make jokes, you bastard…”



Jerk nanny! You and Nii-san kissed now, you need to be checked up for double cooties! 


"H-help me Haruto… I think… I have cooties…" IV dramatically placed his hand on his forehead, stumbling around like he was on the brink of collapsing. 


… *Grabs your neck and pins you against the wall* Don’t test me, IV.

Oh getting a little kinky are we? *kissy face* *wiggly eyebrows* 


{{ ♦ }} — “Looks like I did. A dare is a dare, after all.”


Kaito didn’t even try removing the hands grasping his coat’s collar — he was far too amused with angry little Thomas.

"D-dare…?!" Now even more pissed off, IV brought their faces closer, breathing heavily in rage.

IV brought his head back, keeping that tight grip on the other’s clothes before smashing their skulls together.

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"I kissed your boyfriend and I regret nothing." {{ I'M SORRY }}


*Curb stomps Kaito’s face into the pavement*

"Say that again and I’ll knock your teeth out and make you choke on them."




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